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  1. Fixed Eventy Incarnation: Recipe reward error

    As this thread ( has been closed I reply here. Will I, and others, get our gold back, gift wrapped, ready for Christmas?
  2. Fixed Incantation circle - internal error

    Now that it is fixed.... Can I please have my recipe back or the 50 gold I spend on it to get it???
  3. Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce no minimum troop

    As far as I know you are able to attack ghosts with just 1 slinger, or sword or whatever. It has been like that since I first started playing in 2015
  4. Acknowledged Island Quests

    tbh, and I am not in SB10, it should be available to be collected from both devices. It is not a matter of being collected twice, its a matter of not being able to collect it via the app.
  5. Feedback: Sparta vs Hades 2018

    mmm... Really? I played it both them years and certainly can't remember captain costing me gold for each battle. But hey! I am old... so might have forgotten that bit
  6. Feedback: Sparta vs Hades 2018

    Old style you activated the captain and then had him for x amount of time. Now you have to pay for every time you want to use him. To heal all starts at 125 gold, it was 100 gold. The only good thing is that they have taken out slow transports as prize. Otherwise it is pretty much the same...
  7. Feedback: Sparta vs Hades 2018

    My honest opinion.... a good event has been turned into a money grabbing event. It was fine the way it was. Why fix something when it wasn't broken?
  8. Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce activity / inactivity

    That is a feature from GRCR, and not Inno itself. I have already mentioned this bug in another thread and got told that it has nothing to do with Inno, even though it happened straight after an update. Something must have been in that update what firstly broke the support recall window and the...
  9. Fixed Can't return my own troops

    That has been happening since this mornings update. And that update also seems to have broken GRCR.
  10. Ghost towns

    It works very well in revolt, plus you do not get bp from defending a ghost
  11. Ghost towns

    Yeah it should be exactly like in revolt.
  12. Ghost towns

    What I am trying to say, unsuccessfully I may add, is that ghost towns in conquest should be no different than ghost towns in revolt. In both styles you should just be able to land a cs. In revolt you do not need to wait the 12 hours, whereas in conquest you do. In both style to natives are...
  13. Ghost towns

    Yeah, and there is no ruler in a ghost town in a conquest world either so why the need for a siege?
  14. Ghost towns

    I find it very strange that in a revolt world you just have to make sure ghost town is cleared before landing a cs and then the city is yours, without having to revolt it or having to wait 12 hours. Yet in conquest you have to go through the motions of a siege
  15. Acknowledged Daily Reward

    zz2 is the same. Can't access the daily bonus. Plus, I have lost dio tools in zz2 and zz7. And as above, once the quest log has been opened I can then access the daily bonus.
  16. Ghost towns

    Can one of you wise people explain this to me please? I found this in wiki about ghost towns and how to conquer them. In revolt it is simple. You clear it and land a cs. Done. After reading this I still have no idea what to do in a conquest world. From wiki: Ghost Towns If you send attacking...
  17. Feedback: Pandora's Box

    This was announced a while back, in update 2.149 Please be aware that Ritual effects have been reworked previously, with version 2.148. The following information was unfortunately missing in the changelog: All ritual spells had the target city changed from one specific city to all player cities...
  18. Feedback: Pandora's Box

    OMG. This event needs to be looked at and some readjusting needs to be done as otherwise it will go down like a lead balloon
  19. Ahimsa

    Is there no revolt sandbox?
  20. Ahimsa

    Is this world still open?