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  1. Feedback: Aphrodite

    They won't bother to change the syrens? I see aphrodyte will be joining live servers in a week..
  2. Feedback: Anti-Spam attack prevention

    2 cities that attack 1click the ls to get a time 10-11 clicks for the cs in order to have it land on the same sec with the ls. If it doesn't land, the ls will be back in 10-15seconds. But if i want to try and time again, i will have to wait 1minute. It might not seem like much. But if it takes...
  3. Feedback: Tyche' Wheel of Fortune!

    The max bonus is 7%. It mostly affects revolt worlds. Its pretty useless on conquest since most people play with 0 wall.
  4. Feedback: Anti-Spam attack prevention

    Is everyone's problem the fact that they might achieve 12tries in 20sec? And that they would have to stop at 11? Or that in high speed worlds some attacks might be with more than one anchers on the same minute? The main issue with this ''anti spam'' prevetion is that when a player tries to time...
  5. Feedback: Tyche' Wheel of Fortune!

    Is the permanent defence bonus really necessary?
  6. Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Pygmalion spell popup doesn't show favor cost

    It sais its a passive. It should be understood by most people anyway.
  7. Feedback: Aphrodite

    The 2 spells hymn to aphrodite, and charitable festival are buffed for each active bonus on the city. What counts as an active bonus? I have been testing it, but no matter what i do, i do not get a better bonus.
  8. Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Pygmalion spell popup doesn't show favor cost

    It does not have anything to do with the statue I have farm 3, and i get 15 extra population And i obviously do not have a statue
  9. Feedback: Aphrodite

    Why do you count statue as a -60? You simply get +225 population at 45lvl farm. And if you use all the population and change god, it goes to -225.
  10. Feedback: Aphrodite

    Probably not at first. I can not see how it would work since you need to close and open attack planner to refresh the timer numbers, when you use something to make the attacks/supports faster. So my guess is that it doesnt work in attackplanner.
  11. Feedback: Aphrodite

    Unfortunately, it feels like the Dev team, doesn't know how the game works, for advanced players. If sirens work as an anchor and they are the fastest naval unit, it works as an anchor for anchors. Which i find extremely funny. The passive spell from aphrodite needs a rework as well. Since...
  12. Feedback: Aphrodite

    Medusa was out shined from Harpies since they are flying units, that is why she isn't seeing any play. Satyr apart from being fast, it is the new strongest sharp unit. And it is relatively cheap. I can see it work as a nuke. But yeah it probably won't see much play as most not flying mythical...
  13. Feedback: Aphrodite

    The speed is 22 on a X1 server. Light ships have 13 speed on a X1. That means that Sirens are currently the fastest naval unit
  14. Feedback: Aphrodite

    Aphrodite is game breaking. Narcissism casually overpowered. Charitable Festival is fine Hymn to Aphrodite needs further testing, since i am not sure how it works. Pygmalion (passive), if every city that has aphrodite gains this passive, then every city will have aphrodite as a God. (you will...
  15. Feedback: Olympus

    Hi, I have a few questions, related to the new endgame olympus. Do you know how many troops defend the olympus? Is it the same with large temples? Do any movement relating olympus appear to each player? Arrival times as well? Which cities are attacking olympus? etc etc Does olympus/temples count...