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  1. WhoAmIv2

    Acknowledged Grepolympic Help Link

    Hello @athenakazuo, I was able to reproduce the bug and will forward it. :)
  2. WhoAmIv2

    Closed Christmas challenges

    Dear players, Thank you for your participation. The result is: First place - @Vvhb - 4000 gold Second place - @Topolino 98 - 2000 gold Congratulations!
  3. WhoAmIv2

    Fixed Demolish building

    Hello @galanoulis, There is no reason to ban you or remove your comments. If you found a bug and didn't get a small reward for it, please write a ticket and we will make sure to give it to you. There is a lot of other things we have to do, and things like this might get delayed.
  4. WhoAmIv2

    Closed Christmas challenges

    Good luck!
  5. WhoAmIv2

    Closed Christmas challenges

    Dear players, Christmas is slowly coming and we decided to do a small competition for you. The competition will be divided into two separate challenges and you will be able to earn points for completing them. Players with the highest amount of points will receive our Christmas reward - 1st place...
  6. WhoAmIv2

    Feedback: Pandora's Box 2021

    Hello @Draba Aspera, thank you for your feedback. I will make sure to report the issue you mentioned. I agree that there could be a slight improvement in terms of better rewards and will include it in my report as well. :)
  7. WhoAmIv2

    Fixed Trade reports show wrong city

    Hello @AbstractGR, I can confirm this issue and will report it to developers so they can deploy a fix as soon as possible. Thank you!
  8. WhoAmIv2

    Fixed Circular menues: Various issues

    Hello @Draba Aspera, I can confirm the issues you described. Unfortunately, some functions broke with today's update and we are working on a fix. Thank you for taking the time to describe the issues. :)
  9. WhoAmIv2

    special world

    Hello @Android303! Unfortunately, I don't have any information about this but I will ask. :)
  10. WhoAmIv2

    Feedback: Olympus Rebalancing and changes

    @StrawHat Solutions for problems like this one exist, although they can be really hard to implement. You can always cause a delay if there's a lot of movements, no matter if it's 1 lightship or the whole nuke. It does not apply just to temples, but also to normal conquests. Your solution to...
  11. WhoAmIv2

    Feedback: Olympus Rebalancing and changes

    @StrawHat In my opinion, this problem is not caused by treating temples like ghost towns, it is simply a technology limitation. One report takes a little time to be processed by the server, however, in cases like Olympus, there can be hundreds or even thousands of reports in a single second. So...
  12. WhoAmIv2

    Acknowledged No daily award received

    Hello! We'll investigate it and see what we can do. :)
  13. WhoAmIv2

    Awaiting feedback Incorrect graphical representation in the building loop

    Hello @rudolf621, if you mean the Upgrade time and Completion, it is because the date and time are too large and would be outside of the box. That's the reason why the text was wrapped.
  14. WhoAmIv2

    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Problem with importing pictures to forum

    Hello @galanoulis, unfortunately, I wasn't able to reproduce this bug. I tried to send a message with an image ( and everything looks good. Do you still have this problem?
  15. WhoAmIv2

    Feedback: Mythical Hen 2021

    Hello @Draba Aspera, @Geisti, it can seem that the events are always the same, however, designing a new event to be unique is really hard and takes a lot of time. The newest one, Tyche's Wheel of Fortune, is in my opinion really good and I agree that new events would be great! If you feel like...
  16. WhoAmIv2

    Acknowledged exclusive hero flawed view

    Hello @rudolf621, I can confirm this issue and will report it to developers. Thank you for reporting it!
  17. WhoAmIv2

    New Hero Mihalis

    Hello! Thank you for the suggestion. We forwarded it and if there's something new about it, we'll inform you. :)
  18. WhoAmIv2

    Feedback: Browser Changelog 2.234

    Hello @Geisti, what exactly is wrong with the Sandbox screenshot? Is it the missing box for Stone hail or fewer tabs?
  19. WhoAmIv2

    Allow multiple command window instances to be open

    Hello @Shuri2060, we can propose the change and see how this idea goes. :)
  20. WhoAmIv2

    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Favor Production

    Hello @Mim le Fay, both button and the number of available favor should trigger tooltip window with favor production. Probably just a little mistake. It has been reported and will be fixed as soon as possible. :smile: