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  1. Draba Aspera

    Fixed Event window doesn't work properly

    Issue resolved with today´s update.
  2. Draba Aspera

    Fixed Event window doesn't work properly

    After attacks the animation following the fight freezes at this point, and you won´t receive your battle report as usual. Also the numbers of available and lost units will not be updated. You can go on to the next battleground (and see how many units you have left fpr the next battle) only...
  3. Draba Aspera

    Fixed Batllepoints reset to 0 (visual)

    I can confirm the issue for zz2 and zz12 - just wanted to report the same. Victory processions can still be started, both in the Agora and the culture overview, but no battle points are displayed in the UI.
  4. Draba Aspera

    When new event?

    The new world opened on June 13, 2023. That´s not 2 months...^^ Grepolympia started (unannounced) on June 12 and therefore was not available on Sandbox 27. The next event will (most likely) be "Spartan Assassins", and it will start soon.
  5. Draba Aspera

    Unconfirmed Grepolympia: Display of skill points

    Ingame Nick: Draba Aspera Affected world(s): zz2, zz12 Browser: FF Reproduction steps: . Open Grepolympia and distribute free skill points . Find that the new layout does not allow the display of three digit numbers - they are unreadable, showing only the first digit followed by three points ...
  6. Draba Aspera

    Fixed Checkmarks missing

    Has been resolved with today´s update.
  7. Draba Aspera

    Fixed Checkmarks missing

    Ingame Nick: Draba Aspera Affected world(s): zz2, zz12 Browser: FF, no user scripts Reproduction steps: . Open harbour, barracks, culture overview, cave overview, etc.. . The green checkmarks indicating that festivals can be held or units built or silver stored are missing on various of those...
  8. Draba Aspera

    Unconfirmed Sound effects don´t work

    To be more precise, on Firefox (I have changed my bug report accordingly), I have some sound effects, e.g. for opening buildings like temple, cave, warehouse etc, but none for recruiting. No background music. And no attack alarm, not even after reloading (or Ctrl+F5). I have checked it (without...
  9. Draba Aspera

    Unconfirmed Recruitment in harbour and barracks

    Ingame Nick: Draba Aspera Affected world(s): Browser: FF Reproduction steps: . Placing recruitment/construction orders in barracks and harbour will cause a strange "double jump" of the respective part of the window(s). . . Detailed error description (What you see): How it should be: Screenshot:
  10. Draba Aspera

    Unconfirmed Sound effects don´t work

    Ingame Nick: Draba Aspera Affected world(s): zz2, zz12 Browser: FF Reproduction steps: . Have background music, sound effects and clicking sounds active . You will find that only the clicking sounds work, while background music and some sound effects (for recruiting) don´t (including the attack...
  11. Draba Aspera

    Easter Peace Time 2023

    Well, it should not be announced "right before it starts" - people must be able to plan for the Easter weekend in time. And if a peace time is established, we must be able to test beforehand whether the Peace time works correctly - often enough it did not. Btw, we had Easter Peace Times in...
  12. Draba Aspera

    New Worlds

    Game speed is missing - I guess it will be 3 as well? And maybe you could also add the missing numbers (night bonus 00:00 - 07:00) and letters (beginners protection: 6 days) - and give the endgame information its own line? (I know I´m being a pest, but here on Beta we have to fight for every...
  13. Draba Aspera

    Feedback: Changelog 2.284

    There are old "special worlds" with old settings on live markets as well, and Sandbox 2 is their Beta representative. Those old "neverending" worlds usually have accounts sporting a 4-digit number of cities and will often enough run into some problems after updates - problems that cannot be...
  14. Draba Aspera

    Fixed Problems in sandbox 25

    No comment....^^
  15. Draba Aspera

    Fixed Problems in sandbox 25

    We simply were not supposed to see this: As you can see, they turned back the clock.... :grepolis:
  16. Draba Aspera

    Fixed Problems in sandbox 25

    Well, it does matter. We don´t have a menu on the left hand side, so no messages or posts in the alliance forum are possible. Without any communication possible afterwards, what is a victory worth if you are not even able to celebrate it together or at least to say good-bye to the team mates...
  17. Draba Aspera

    Fixed Problems in sandbox 25

    I can confirm the issue.
  18. Draba Aspera

    Feedback: Aegean Battleships 2023

    No. It started yesterday, February 13, at 9:00 a.m. - and as far as I can see also its duration will be shorter than on previous occasions.
  19. Draba Aspera

    Feedback: Changelog 2.280

    An unannounced event running, while the announced event did not start in time... Somebody should tell Thessalonike that we are in need of her kisses on Beta - while the Grepolis team has earned none.
  20. Draba Aspera

    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Large Temples Remain

    That discrepancy between info text and in-game behaviour was already mentioned right during the first Olympus test world. I don´t think that unconquered Large Temples should really disappear from the map - they neer did, and why should they? Also unconquered Small Temples stay on the map...