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  1. Ladons

    But for the Attacker its a pleaser to have them. A coin have always 2 Options.
  2. Feedback: Mythical Hen 2021

    How can I make Recepts if I play with Smartphone. And we're I can find the Hen.
  3. Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Contentet people

    Ingame Nick: red gloud Affected world: Sandbox 8 (Bug found on desktop version) Yes Browser: Opera Olny in one Town from my 5...
  4. Fixed Don't show free Population

    Sorry a little confius the first time that I write a Bug Report
  5. Fixed Don't show free Population

    Ingame Nick:red gloud Affected world: Sandbox (Bug found on desktop version) Browser:Mozzila (Bug found on mobile version) Device: O.S.: App Version: Steps to reproduce: Detailed error description (What you see): I don't see free Population How it should be:To see it Screenshot:
  6. Fixed Don't show free Population

  7. Server statistics

    i agree with galanoulis stats and maps are important in this game
  8. Full screen overview feedback thread.

    Its look great,as always Your team have make a fantastic Work.