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  1. New Hero Mihalis

    Just a made up character for the game. Aren't there some heroes like that? I feel like there are.
  2. Olympus Revolt

    I was thinking about it further, and what if they changed what the curse affects? By that I mean, conquest the alliance has to lay siege to Olympus and hold it for a set amount of time. Revolt doesn't work like that since the defender has 12 hours to get the defenses ready before you can conquer...
  3. Olympus Revolt

    Nothing that I know. Probably focusing on getting Ares ready for local markets.
  4. Fixed Valentine Event: Thessa is missing

    I sent in a ticket for the US I put in a ticket for that on the US server and they said they aren't doing it.
  5. new hero

    how about reducing cost and time of horsemen?
  6. Fixed Valentine Event: Thessa is missing

    Maybe there aren't any awards for that event this year.
  7. Fixed Valentine Event: Thessa is missing

    That explains why I didn't get any notification about awards after I found her a few times on other servers.
  8. Fixed Valentine Event: Thessa is missing

    Yep she showed up as usual. Thanks!
  9. Fixed Valentine Event: Thessa is missing

    Ok cool. It sucks being stood up on Valentine's Day.
  10. Fixed Valentine Event: Thessa is missing

    3 hours later...maybe she came down with covid. Also there was never a game notification about her.
  11. Fixed Valentine Event: Thessa is missing

    I have not seen her yet either. I am in zz19 and my browser is chrome; I had refreshed it and switched different cities. and nothing
  12. Feedback: Ares

    Simulator doesn't have Aphrodite spells or Temples in Olympus; they will do that later.
  13. Feedback: Ares

    What is Fury? Is that separate from favor?
  14. Feedback: Ares

    Well, Ares is the God of War and Aphrodite was his lover.
  15. Acknowledged Duration of transport time

    Oh, I never knew that. Thanks for the info!
  16. Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce What happen ?

    The person shows blue and in Vacation mode right after they hit vacation mode, but they will still be vulnerable during the 48 hours before it activates.
  17. Acknowledged Duration of transport time

    What does "set-up time" mean? Closest travel time?
  18. Olympus Revolt

    Oh, yes. I forgot to consider the 12 hrs of red revolt with 12 curses. Excellent point @Mim le Fay
  19. Acknowledged Duration of transport time

    confirmed in zz19
  20. Olympus Revolt

    So, I know a lot of revolt players are hoping to experience the new endgame. I am not sure if that will happen or not, so I thought up some suggestions to make it feasible. As most of us know, revolt is different than conquest; particularly the way a city is taken and the importance of walls. So...