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  1. you are unacceptable

    Low on the lists, high in the appreciation of my alliance, and with respect to the opponents. If you are smart and understand what all this means, you will stop counting the battle points
  2. you are unacceptable

    Always second ................
  3. you are unacceptable

    Beware! This is the Public Beta Market of Grepolis. Beta worlds are not normal game worlds. Progress on beta worlds can be reset at any time. We provide notice in advance to let players know when this will occur. If it want to justify your behavior then do it right, I suggest you the...
  4. you are unacceptable

    Hi, if I understand correctly, in violation of the rules of the game, you can not do something, and of course the time and money we spent was to test you on your game properly; I do not think it is accepted that, to know that regardless of the consequences, I upload to internet all the photos...
  5. you are unacceptable

    I am happy that an opponent in the game, did that would make the company's developers, and has clarified the issue. Let me see now, how you respect the money and the time we spent; to win something, now you tell us that we do not deserve. Draba Aspera Respect!!!!!!!!!
  6. you are unacceptable

    The Company just fooling us, I keep light from the awards in the world to have won and the manager answers accepting their mistake, and asks for time to correct course time passed and we simply removed and the crown !!! !!!! Nice job keep it up and your customers will appreciate.