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  1. inofficial Feedbackthread for casual world

    Indeed. Casual worlds are a place for calmer and more stable gameplay, so they favour defence.
  2. inofficial Feedbackthread for casual world

    I sincerely hope there is a way to make this new controversial concept work on conquest worlds as well. Change is nice! At least there is always some fun to be had.
  3. Feedback: Update to version 2.177

    I've never said this change is a magic spell that will erase all of the players' communication issues. It's just that you can see someone's offline and consequently you won't bother with messaging them in vain. Of course, it isn't flawless, but a rough, approximate activity monitor is a better...
  4. Feedback/Questions: Grepolis Player Council

    Hard to judge. The "everything getting worse" phenomenon has to be more complex in its causes and mechanisms than a single person joining a large team. There have been some questionable steps taken recently (the invention of the GPC is not that new, but can still be called relatively recent)...
  5. Feedback: Update to version 2.177

    No, I'm serious. Just try and spend a while focusing on the upsides this brings, the cooperation opportunities instead of the abuse risk. It's up to you to compare these two for yourself, but I think the former completely dwarfs the latter. But as always, actual play will tell us more.
  6. Feedback: Update to version 2.177

    I think this change presents us with a useful new feature. The possibilities of exploitation are actually quite slim. Generally, only in-game abuse can be based on online time knowledge, so no damage is done to one's privacy outside the game itself. And even in the realm of unfair in-game...
  7. inofficial Feedbackthread for casual world

    :D, I remember that. It was in 2.124. Just for the sake of posterity, let's recall the feedback the change received back then. So, perhaps, it will be better if such situations do not repeat.
  8. inofficial Feedbackthread for casual world

    That is probably going to be a recurrent pattern after Sandbox 12 starts to live a life of its own. ;)
  9. inofficial Feedbackthread for casual world

    Of course, the change to revolt did not remove the problem entirely, but hampering conquest is generally preferable to hampering defence. The latter causes frustration when merely trying to keep one's own cities, whereas the former just slows the game down. That's why, regardless of being...
  10. inofficial Feedbackthread for casual world

    I think the abolition of conquests and making conquering on casual worlds revolt-based is a very good decision. To start, conquest doesn't play very well with morale, but this would be likely very frustrating. And the morale is not an issue. It just doesn't have an effect on the game, because...
  11. inofficial Feedbackthread for casual world

    I guess there were two issues directly related to casual-specific gameplay open when the question-turned-feedback thread got closed. The first was the dubious possibility of lifting a siege. Not just whose points will be considered, but also whose points should be considered. Should any points...
  12. Casual worlds

    This raises a similar question. Why is Stone Hail stopped by the blessing? On a different note, I'm now interested in the answer to the siege-lifting question. How can this be solved without introducing an exception from the established rules? I can't see a more satisfactory option than a...
  13. Casual worlds

    This is now but a minor question in this thread, which has by now turned into a general feedback thread for casual worlds (as represented by Sandbox 12), but still. What is the reason behind lightning getting blocked by blessing? The city can still be attacked as usual, so why this exception?
  14. Domination objective

    Thank you for the fast clarification. I should have been more thorough when checking out the linked post.
  15. Domination objective

    :D My bad. I failed to copy-and-paste correctly. What the post actually lists is: Slow = 5 months, Regular = 4 months, Fast = 3 months. For some reason I copied your post instead of the devlog when trying to show the discrepancy. How silly my reply looks now... My question should now make...