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  1. Acknowledged Not letting assign a hero

    Is there anything that can be done ? Mikeik username , Temple ElementalEvil the town 554,512 the coordinates OC 55
  2. Acknowledged Not letting assign a hero

    Sorry , Mikevik is my username . I woke up before so I got confused I am SO SORRY for any inconvenience :(
  3. Acknowledged Not letting assign a hero

    Ingame Nick: Mikevikiaris Affected world(s):SANDBOX 16 Browser:CHROME Reproduction steps: . . . Detailed error description (What you see):When I try to assign the Hero PELOPS it will no tlet me . that happened AFTER I conquered the city and I don't know hwat happened ... I tried refreshing the...
  4. Acknowledged Not letting assign a hero

    When I try to assign a hero to my city , it says that alrewady 1 hero is on city .... But I have just conquered it and there are no heroes in .
  5. Duplicate Island missions dissapear

    Hello . It was done to me before and I thought it was some kind of a missclick I did , but now it happened again . After I finished an Island Mission , I pressed to store the reward to my storage . I didnt see that I had the maximum number of rewards and buffs there so It said that I had reached...
  6. Fixed Units disappear when arrive on target

    I can confirm that . I sent my troops to attack the barbarain village and when they arrived they vanished ... nothing moves now . World is Sandbox 16 . Ocean 55 Island 768001