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  1. Fixed Unable to cast Ares' Sucrifice

    Yeah @moonlight900 tried this too and you can't sacrifice 100 units but you can sacrifice 99. Good job to spot this one
  2. Acknowledged Ares' sacrifice cannot be used

    yeah you have to use the same type of troops for example 100 slingers or 100 archers etc..
  3. Acknowledged Ladon price from Velerios

    i hope they just won't let you get it thorugh the trader honestly a full of them is like 19/20 units
  4. Feedback: Ares

    yeah it should be like that: if you add Ares army with 5000 fury available the attack will be with 500 spartoi(8000 pop space). I have a few questions tho: @Arci If i attack with more than 10 ladons and add the Ares army spell with 5k fury does the passive of the ladons(10% more attack for the...