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  1. Acknowledged Ares' sacrifice cannot be used

    Its not true. You can use it with different type of troops. What happens is that you can't use it if there are more of 100 units in the city. So if you have 60 slingers and 50 hoplites you have to send 10 units away so in the city there will only be 100 troops that will be the one sacrificed...
  2. Feedback: Ares

    But as you can see in this images, the attack doesnt become slower, even if it should. Or I am missing something ?
  3. Feedback: Ares

    I believe the Heroes speed right now is not relevant when sending an attack, Satyrs have 136 ms but when sending attack with them if I add any Hero to the attack the travel time does not change. Also, I dont really understand why Heroes would have anything to do with the attack planner, since as...
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  5. Feedback: Ares

    To me it appears that the Ladon has 200 speed, not 100
  6. Feedback: Ares

    I have a question Regarding Are's army spell. Is it necessary to have unoccupied population in the city in order to add Ghost Spartois to the attack, or since they dissapear after, the only requirement to add more of them is available fury, and free population is not relevant ?