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    Hopefully not.. regards Geisti
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    Feedback: Grepolympia - Greek Cup 2021

    Have fun at the event..without me..I can no longer bear this permanent event..what's the worst thing about it..they have been here for years..with little or no changes..let loose on the community of players.. regards Geisti
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    Attack of The Hydra 2021

    sorry my mistake..sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees.. regards Geisti
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    Attack of The Hydra 2021

    Thank you very much for providing the announcement that this event starts today.. *Irony off* regards Geisti
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    Statement from development team regarding Huawei device support

    And now you know that up to date .. I definitely don't buy a new cell phone because of that .. you can't publish a list .. or this announcement applies to all users of Huawei smartphones .. and please statements that are also understood here .. Thank you .. regards Geisti
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    Statement from development team regarding Huawei device support

    I have a Huawei P9..with Google Store and AppGallery..what effect does this announcement have on me..despite the Google Store on my mobile phone, I have now pulled the ass card here.. regards Geisti
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    What do you hear just here?

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    Feedback: Mythical Hen 2021

    Agree with you there Draba.. But this chicken is just used so often Easter and Halloween..that borders on animal torture here..wish me a new Easter Event..this company can bring new Temples and new Gods into play..but new Events nothing better to rely on the old values..:mad: regards...
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    Feedback: Mythical Hen 2021

    Oh my God..and it's still the rumors are did not shoot itself and commit suicide..getting these Fake News here..:tongue: You have to do everything yourself here..:biggrin: Come up with a really nice Event for Easter IG..gets really really boring here..always the same Events...
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    Feedback: Browser Changelog 2.234

    I'm just really excited about the communication with the players, because something was introduced behind the back of the players. Good Job IG :mad: The sinking ships event is just starting on the live worlds, so you can apparently install changes in the attack window right away! Sandbox2...
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    Awaiting feedback Can't post any more pictures here

    I'm delighted for you .. I use YouScreen to create screenshots here .. if I understand correctly now .. inserting screenshots is only possible using the key commands .. I can dispose of my computer mouse here .. :eek: regards Geisti
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    Awaiting feedback Can't post any more pictures here

    Respect Arci..forward always .. backward never .. so let's move backwards in time .. good job .. this game is now only playable with Windows 3.11 .. there were no such orders.. cltr+c and ctrl+v .. I can now throw my computer mouse out of the window .. apparently it is no longer needed here ...
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    Awaiting feedback Can't post any more pictures here

    Just wanted to post a picture via screenshot here.. Should you then contact the administrator here for the latest..I still had to be here.. What is the Arci? :mad: Edit on: Do I have to ask for permission now...
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    Feedback: Aegean Battleships 2021

    Just got 2 times 60 points per shot .. never seen anything else in the event here.. :rolleyes: regards Geisti It this a bug or new Event Feature Arci???
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    Merry Xmas

    We wish you peaceful hours for Christmas. At the turn of the year cheerfulness and happiness. For the New Year health, happiness and success! Merry christmas regards Geisti