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  1. Feedback: Olympus Rebalancing and changes

    It will be helpfull for every Olympous world the Hyphestus blessing to be active
  2. Feedback: Pandora's Box 2021

    And after all I like that they believe they will attract new customers with this sloppy work. Maybe in their day dreams. They have to understand that there are no more customer ready to spend money for nothing
  3. Feedback: Pandora's Box 2021

    bad for you but not for INNO. Its impossible to pass box 15 if you not spend a loooooooot of gold
  4. Feedback: Pandora's Box 2021

    The most box rewards are very cheap
  5. Feedback: Nerfing a deity – Ares Rebalancing

    The situation is "from the zenith to the nadir" . From a powerfull unit Ladon now is totally useless unit and very expencive. Just abolish it from inventory. This Ares balance made the god a goat. Totally Useless.
  6. Acknowledged Recalculated time for World Wonders

    Monday, November 2nd 2020 is the day sandbox 19 started. That means the 1st recalculation is made after 6 month from this date thus is the May 2nd 2021. From this date onwords still according to the game rules we have to count 4 months more for the new recalculation thus is September 2nd. But...
  7. Fixed Afrodites spell pygmalion does not work

    in all worlds
  8. Duplicate Sparta vs Hades: Overall Ranking is not correct
  9. Feedback: Sparta vs Hades 2021

    I dont consider any other reason for the shorten time of this event exept the spending of gold by the players. But I think this decision will have the totally adverse result.
  10. Awaiting feedback Message for last Day at the "Spartan Assassins" event

    I didnt receive any message and the reward for the 1st place at the "Spartan Assassins" event, on the day 7 in Sandbox19
  11. Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Spartan Assassins event disappear

    Thanks, ticket has been sent
  12. Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Spartan Assassins event disappear

    I 've noticed the issues like the cost of arrows was 60 and not 50 (corrected) but do I have to wait something with my losses or all these have gone and I have to start over from the beginning?
  13. Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Spartan Assassins event disappear

    event has return but trofies I had find are missing and daily ranking does not count my points I had before
  14. Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Spartan Assassins event disappear

    It had been appeared I played normal but suddenlly I couldn't get in and after refresh disappeared from the screen
  15. What is happening here

    I play in beta worlds many years and for farming I use the online chronometre just to remind me every 10 min to collect resources from villages. But the problem is that because I dont loose any 10min collection the system translates this as a use of bot . This problematic system fanction has as...