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  1. Fixed gold pending!

    Hello again, there is something strange too in sea 42. I can't buy any gold coins and i am alone in that sea. Today I gather less than the 1/3 of usual production
  2. Fixed gold pending!

    It's done. Thank you
  3. Fixed gold pending!

    never arrived, still ...coming?
  4. Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce i lost my army

    it came back after about 20 min
  5. Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce i lost my army

    elsartz: Sandbox23: Firefox 95.0.2 (64-bit): exactly at the time that it should return disappear.
  6. Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce link_bug_report

    Yes, indeed! Thank you! I want to mention also that it doesn't let me collect by 4hours from the villages (with the help from the Captain). Only if I go one by one. I don't know if someone else talk about it that is why I didn't start a new threat. Thank you again for the response.
  7. Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce link_bug_report

    elsartz: Sandbox23: Firefox 95.0.2 (64-bit): login to my city: can't get rid of it! only if i go and delete from the inspection.: