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  1. Feedback: Aegean Battleships

    already 14 days of event????? seriously?????
  2. Feedback: Aegean Battleships

    The event disappeared
  3. Feedback: Aegean Battleships

    Can you explain where is the dayly reward? last day i did not get it , and now it's the same i finished all , and i don't have access to the dailay reward :
  4. XS servers...

    we found it finally ,xs servers are servers available for breach detections .
  5. XS servers...

    today i saw this :
  6. New Farming Villages option

    i think this will not gonna be added for a simple reason , farming need time , and grepolis is a game that force you to spend time in the game as much as possible. The difference between top players at the end of the server is directly linked to this , the one that spent more time in the game...
  7. Fixed App: Sound Settings Issue

    i have another problem in a greek server with alarm personally , the attack ring is not anymore the attack sound , but a classic notification sound.
  8. Domination era

    you don't have any way to know it but usually : every island that had 1 player in will be valid. Limits are going to be the central sea... globally this mean that in normal market the valid area will be only in 44/45/55/54
  9. Feedback: Packages

    these offers are kind of ... "fake" offers , that's not real offers from real markets...
  10. World Wonders

    Devblog is inactive now , same for me , 1 year ago , and it was a simple comment
  11. World Wonders

    personally i think it's the upper management is the origin of the problem my friend there is , all server from finland are like this
  12. World Wonders

    Yes this time ... Innogames sucks a lot ... sorry for the bad words , but if players , respectfull players , ask properly a solution to this problem , and more than one year later they receive the exact same message... Innogames allowed a server to open with less than 300 players.... and they...
  13. World Wonders

    i think they already did it and did not get any answer , i guess the staff team for this market is not huge .... it seems there is 4months delay between their question , and they have still no news...
  14. Feedback: Update to version 2.185

    that's a nice upgrade then , because it was problematic sometime ^^
  15. Feedback: Update to version 2.185

    @Arci i have a question , i see an icon in strategies , which show the hail stone Is this mean that if i have Hail stone research on my city , and i want to send an attack with my catapelts i can send it without the Hail stone function?