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    Feedback: Dionysia 2022

    I think we get nothing.
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    Unconfirmed Dionysia - No offering Points

    I've settled that now. This is a display error. It can happen if the event window is open at the time the mission ends. Hence the red marker on the event symbol. If you close everything and call it up again, you get the right term.
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    Feedback: Dionysia 2022

    Event is over. No Overall Ranking Boni. zz2 29. November 20:00 , End Overall Ranking 30. November, 13:59 , End Event zz12 29. November 20:00 , End Overall Ranking 30. November, 13:55, End Event
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    Unconfirmed Dionysia - No offering Points

    Ingame Nick: Buffysara Affected world(s): zz2 Browser: Firefox Reproduction steps: Start Mission mit Troops No Points Detailed error description (What you see): I start missions with troops to collect points and get nothing. Happened a few times. How it should be: The Phallophoros can collect...
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    Feedback: Sparta vs Hades 2022

    Event ends on Sunday at 10 am Both rankings have been canceled and there has been no messages of points achieved. Presumably no prizes for the overall ranking list were distributed either.
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    Acknowledged tooltip title blinking very fast I cannot select a choice

    workaround Browserzoom 90 or 80 %
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    Feedback: Tyche's Wheel of Fortune - Spring 2022

    are the dates correct ? only 9 days ?
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    Fixed cultural overview broken

    Caves same thing
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    Acknowledged Window message

    zz2 firefox
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    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Poppulation limit

    the buildings suddenly need 4 more population
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    Acknowledged No images

    also in messages
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    Fixed Sparta vs. Hades Battleground Cooldowntime will not be shown

    Buffysara zz2, zz12 Firefox and Opera The cooldown time of the battlefields after a victory is not displayed. Neither with mouseover nor with click. Only the hourglass can be see.
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    Feedback: Incantation Circle 2021

    @Arci said "If you manage to conjure 50 rewards until October 21st, at 23:59 server time, you will earn a Culture Level." ????