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  1. Feedback: Temple Shielding

    fast speed and 3 starting cities
  2. special world

    in the beta there will be a special world like the brazilian server ???
  3. Feedback: Sparta vs Hades 2021

    I didn't like messing up the event duration... no need to want to spoil the best event... 7 days is too little the final reward must be real gold, right
  4. Event

    will we have an event this week?
  5. Feedback: Olympus Rebalancing and changes

    what time does the world open?
  6. Feedback: Olympus Rebalancing and changes

    in my opinion, without protection in the temples is better. limit of temples by alliance with a maximum limit of accumulated bonus defined, temples available in more oceans, more time between large temples and Olympus
  7. Feedback: Grepolympia - Greek Cup 2021

    will be available for the zz21?
  8. New servers settings

    the world opens this week?
  9. new world?

    when will there be a new world?
  10. Olympus Revolt

    any news about? are the developers working on it?
  11. new hero

    hero reducing the cost of Horseman
  12. Olympus Revolt

    the difficulty in this way is how an alliance captures the temple belonging to another alliance this applies to small temples, temples and Olympus
  13. Olympus Revolt

    the first capture of the temple must be made as a ghost town (defeat the defense and the CS captures the time) for another capture of the alliance this temple must be put into revolt and the alliance that owns this temple will defend it until the revolt red finish, that would be valid for all...
  14. Feedback: Aegean Battleships 2021

    improving the rewards of the event, the level of rewards does not correspond to the amount of gold spent, example below a 50 city account receiving 10 culture points as a reward
  15. Limit on Gold

    with this limit many players will abandon the game