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  1. Acknowledged Deimos doens't work on Ladon's passive

    @Arci I assume that deimos work with basic ladon attack(2530) not this buffed attack(6325). Lets see if that can be true. Value of 20 ladons + deimos should be like: (6325+10%+20%)*20+(2530+10%+20%)*0.15*20 +1050=164450+9867+1050=175367 Almost same as 5070 slingers...
  2. Feedback: Ares

    Hello. You said " Fury is capped at a maximum of 5000." And also there is spell that: Consumes the entire fury pool. For every 10 points of Fury consumed this way, add one Spartoi to the offensive command (rounded down). So if i sacrifice 5000 population and accumulate 5000 fury i can use...
  3. End of the world ????

    Very good news, good job Arci :smile:
  4. Feedback: Tyche' Wheel of Fortune!

    Defender has enormous advantage in revolt system. I think this new bonus should be nerfed to lets say 0.5% per level, 0.7% is too strong.
  5. Feedback: Aphrodite

    Aphrodite is interesting, but as the previous speakers said, she has 2 mechanics that can ruin the gameplay. Narcissism: Here I believe that in the case of a revolt, it is a spell that was very necessary for a long time. The defender had too much advantage in the revolt, the possibility of...
  6. New World

    @Arci I wonder is it technically possible to create revolt world, but with special rules for temples, including conquering temples by siege?
  7. Feedback: Olympus

    Thank you my friend, may the force be with you!
  8. Feedback: Olympus

    Hello, does anyone know how many neutral troops defend the Olympus at the beggining?
  9. Suggetion for Land expansion

    @Arci Is there any answer from innogames? Could they buff land expansion in such way?
  10. Feedback: Olympus

    Is there a plan for Olympus worlds with revolt?
  11. Hiden catapult bonus

    Recently, I played with the simulator and discovered something very interesting. With 100k + land units bunkers, off with catapults do not affect wall in any way, so their basic function does not work and theoretically perform like slingers with 7 population attack. From this it follows that if...
  12. Feedback: Olympus

    So alphahydranoid has few questions. 1.Is there way to build walls in the temple? 2.Is temple affected by player premium (commander, priest and captain)? Do neutral troops have premium? 3.Does temple have tower or defensive technologies like phalanx? If not is there a way to research it? 4.Is...
  13. Suggetion for Land expansion

    Very good idea it is. Yoda proud would be. Include also Ares rage from battleship i would.