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  1. More customizable forum

    Alliance Forum as it is has two levels of accessibility; one for every member of the alliance and one "hidden" level, for alliance council etc. I think it would be useful to add one more level. Alliances have plain members, trusted members, and administration members. The lowest level of...
  2. ZZ8 Top 12

    It's amazing how fast they open slots and replenish the troops. One would think that it's not possible.. only, it happens. LOL Well done IMMO, seems grepolis is going down slowly and you milk all you can.
  3. Feedback: Pandora's Box

    I am sorry I won't go into details, but I have to say I totally disliked that event. Absolutely. I messes with my cities and as I don't use a lot archers + hoplites, it's getting really annoying.. I am tempted to stop doing it altogether..
  4. Future of Beta

    Are you referring to me? Oh, not me. Now I see the link you posted.
  5. Future of Beta

    zz6 is ruined and soon to decline. I feel as if I haven't enjoyed at all. Too one-sided.
  6. Future of Beta

    May I ask if Beta is meant for long term worlds, short term worlds or is it indifferent to INNO the actual lifespan of every world?
  7. Grepolis maps

    But I like maps.. without maps the game would be boring.. just like in antiquity...
  8. Grepolis maps

    Greetings fellow warriors and sailors. Have you noticed that the beloved site is not functional for two days now? I am desperate, without maps I can't navigate the Sea of Diplomacy successfully... :eek: Is there anyone that has any positive feed back in regard to this? Thanks in...
  9. Fixed Looting Attack does not return

    Thanks Arci! Already fixed! Keep up the good work!
  10. Fixed Looting Attack does not return

    Hey everyone! First, let me say what a wonderful idea this ancient grepolis world has been! Awsome! However, total lack of support for this version is really sad. Not even a "bug report" tool available! So I have to post my issue here. I do not expect an individual handle, but I suppose I am...
  11. Filter for finding certain messages

    I understand both *arci* and galanoulis aspects, they make sense. But the truth is that I find hard to believe that adding slingers as a reward to quests is more important than giving players the tool for finding certain messages. Sorry. Unless, there is another problem that has to do with the...
  12. Filter for finding certain messages

    Grepodevs working: Ok, I understand that, as I understand that this can be used as a long term excuse for not dealing with the issue. I also understand that developers - that is, INNO - might have a different agenda than the players. BUT, there is at least one common interest: players staying...
  13. Filter for finding certain messages

    Maybe our Head Community Manager can "ring a bell" to developers, in regard to this need.
  14. Filter for finding certain messages

    I painfully remember that. It took me a couple of days to scroll down all these "unread" messages and fix them lol
  15. Filter for finding certain messages

    Greetings fellow gamers, we all know how difficult it is to find an old message you need to look into.. At least those who send and receive many messages, such as diplomats, leaders etc. Wouldn't be simple enough that messages have s search box where one can write a player's name and see all...